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Every project we take on is very unique. We are not a cookie cutter contractor. With that being said, it is complicated to give you a price for a job before we know all the pieces of the puzzle. To truly get the cost of your project the layout, design, finish selection, and engineering must be completed. Below you will see some averages of what a project similar to yours might cost. Keep in mind changing the layout from its original design is unique to each project. 

Small bathrooms
Average cost $25,000-$40,000

Typically a small bathroom remodel doesn't get a layout change because it doesn't usually make financial sense or there just is not a better way to do it. That being said the biggest change we often see is removing a bathtub and creating a walk-in shower. 

Large Bathrooms

There are really two directions you can go with a large bathroom remodel. You can keep the layout the same and replace everything, or you can completely change the layout to function better. Keep in mind changing the layout will be more costly as breaking the concrete, moving plumbing, and electrical are involved. Sometimes we might even move a wall, or add or remove a window. 

Average cost $45,000 and up.

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Kitchen Facelift
Average cost $30,000 - $50,000

A kitchen facelift might mean different things to different people. Is it just new counters, backsplash, and a paint job? Maybe you want new floors and appliances as well. Usually a facelift keeps your existing cabinet boxes and might add new doors and appliances as well. 

Medium Kitchen Remodel
Average cost $60,000 - $90,000

Often times when we remodel a kitchen we change the layout to make it function better. The space it gutted and we start from scratch. New custom cabinets, beautiful counters and finishes, and new appliances. We want your space to reflect your style and how your family functions in the space.

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Large/luxury kitchens
Average cost $95,000 and up

Sometimes we knock down walls and even raise the ceiling height. The options are endless if your space and budget allow. We build kitchens that dreams are made of. High end custom millwork and pro-grade appliances are just a start. You would be surprised about how many custom features you can add to a kitchen. Often times these large projects involve opening the kitchen and living spaces to include a large island. These projects usually require and architect and engineer to be involved as well. Larger projects take more time as well. Expect a minimum of 3 to 4 months or more!

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Home Additions

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Starting at $275 a square foot

We are seeing more and more clients wanting to stay in their home, maybe its for the memories, the location, or they just don't want to move. Adding on to a home is a great way to get that missing space. Looking for an extra bed and bath, a game/media room, or an entire second floor? We have a great team put together to help you accomplish your goals. It is a lengthy process, but we will hold your hand through it. 



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