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Our Design+Build Process

What is Design+Build? 

Construction is a complicated process to anyone not in the biz. It takes a team of designers, architects, engineers, and tradesmen to make a plan come to life. What a Design+Build company has to offer, is a one stop shop to the client. We handle every step of the project - space planning, design, permitting, and construction. Many homeowners find a project much less stressful when an experienced team guides them through it. Our process has been fine tuned over the years with our good friends over at Tara Lenney Design. When design and construction professionals are involved throughout the entire process the homeowner wins!

5 Steps

CONSULTATION – Undertaking a renovation is a big endeavor and the beginning of long-term partnership. You want to be sure you have the right people on your team to guide you through the process. During our initial consultation we will talk through your needs, problem areas, design style, and goals for your new space. Then we will outline what the process would look like for you, what you can expect to spend, and how we can serve you.  


CONCEPTUAL DESIGN – Now for the fun part. Every project in your home needs to solve for your functional needs and aesthetic goals, and we want to help you realize both. We will define your design style by creating Mood Boards tailored to your preferences. Our Team will craft 2-3 layouts in 3D to help you visualize your transformed space. We will guide you through the pros and cons of each option to help you make the best decision for your family. This step becomes our guidepost for future design decisions and becomes the foundation for a successful project.


DESIGN DEVELOPMENT – Often times the most difficult part of a remodel is the overwhelming amount of choices that need to be made from an endless sea of options. But not to fret because we do all the heavy lifting. Once we have selected a layout, our Design Team will handle every detail and select each fixture, finish, and material to bring the design to life. Your space is designed in 3D to allow us to fly you through your space to visualize exactly what you’ll see before we ever swing a hammer, giving you the confidence to know you’ve made the best decision for your family.


DOCUMENTATION + PRICING – Now it is time to turn all the ideas into blueprints we can build from. What this phase lacks in glamor it makes up for in peace of mind. We capture every design detail to help mitigate surprises during construction, giving you a comprehensive picture of cost and schedule up front to help your project run smoothly.


BUILD – Our goal is to get you to your finished space in the most timely and stress-free way possible. Our Construction + Design Team are alongside you every step of the way providing ongoing communication, onsite project management, and skilled craftsmanship to execute your vision and get you back in your new space.


WHY WORK WITH US - Our goal is a long-term partnership, serving you not only now, but through all the stages of your life as your home needs change.

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