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Comfort Meets Sophistication: A Luxury Home Remodel

This complete renovation of this builder's grade 1990s home resulted in a remarkable transformation. We made several noteworthy changes to the original house during the remodeling process. The old kitchen, office, and closets were removed to open up the middle of the house. The living room was widened to enhance the sense of space and openness and the kitchen was relocated to the back corner of the house, optimizing the layout and flow. A beverage center was introduced, adding a touch of convenience and luxury. The dining room was relocated to the previously unused front living room, creating a more functional and inviting space. In addition, a new office and butler's pantry were meticulously crafted to meet modern needs and a larger pantry was incorporated into the design to provide ample storage. Lastly, we crafted a custom-built breakfast area with bench seats. The open concept design created a more modern and connected living space, while the use of light, cohesive elements, and luxurious touches contributed to an elegant and inviting atmosphere.

A brick wall and the plaster vent hood add a unique and distinctive texture to the kitchen. These touches create visual interest and a sense of authenticity within the modernized space.

The modern glass barn door leading to the pantry beautifully complements the windows and door across the back wall, resulting in a cohesive and harmonious look. Inside, the ultra-organized pantry fosters a clean and minimalist aesthetic, adding to the overall simplicity and elegance of the space.

The inclusion of bench seats and an oval table optimizes the seating capacity in the breakfast area, ensuring ample space for accommodating guests.

The butler's pantry offers generous storage capacity, equipped with two wine fridges to cater to your needs.

We optimized the compact space across from the butler's pantry by integrating a custom-built desk.

The expansive living room boasts tall windows, welcoming abundant natural light into the space.

The dining room exudes a warm and intimate ambiance with its captivating blue-gray tones.

There's also a separate (non-alcoholic) beverage station where you can serve a variety of drinks, including coffees, teas, and other beverages of your choice.

We hope you enjoyed this home remodel as much as we did. This turned out to be one of the most unique and stunning projects that we have competed. Thanks to everyone who worked on this project, including our friends at Tara Lenney Design.

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